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Digital oscilloscopes B-424 USB 2.0/ Ethernet, 2-ch., BW 200 MHz, 10 bits, sample rate up to 500 MSPS (single shot) / 20 GHz (repetitive), memory 16 Ms/ch, 11 input sensitivities, TV- and SMART-triggering.


Digital oscilloscopes BORDO PCI-card, 2-ch, BW 150 MHz, 8 bits, sample rate up to 500 MSPS (single shot) / 20 GHz (repetitive)


Digital oscilloscopes BORDO USB 2.0, 2-ch, BW 150 MHz, 10 bits, sample rate up to 100 MSPS (single shot) / 20 GHz (repetitive),memory 16 Ms/ch, galvanic isolation.


Measuring station UNIPRO Digital oscilloscope, Arbitrary waveform generator, Logic analyzer, ADC, Voltmeter, Frequency meter and Spectrum analyzer - all in one; provides the measuring and forming of analog and digital signals in wide amplitude, time and frequency ranges.


Audio-noise meter - analyser M-105 frequency responses A, C, Lin; 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands; precision spectral power density measuring within frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz


Multichanel ADC B-480 8-ch., 16bit, sample rate 250 KSPS, input signal range +- 10V, USB 1.1, galvanic isolation.

AURIS company specializes in developing and producing of modern digital measuring equipment. We create the multifunctional and ergonomic measuring instruments for many purposes - from industrial processes control to scientific research.

AURIS company offers a wide product range of PC-based measuring tools:

digital oscilloscopes
arbitrary waveform generators
logic analyzers/pattern generators
multichannel systems for analog/digital output/input
acoustic noise analyzers


29.08.2011 Start of producing the new member of the BORDO USB series digital oscilloscopes B-422 , 2-ch., BW 150 MHz, 10 bits, sample rate up to 100 MSPS (single shot) / 20 GHz (repetitive), memory depth - 16 Msamples/ch, galvanic isolation.
01.03.2011 Attention! Action! Full announced in March the spring decline in prices for most of the instruments Auris!
10.01.2011 Auris company lowers the price of single-channel digital oscilloscope B-211, and arbitrary waveform generator B-230.
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